Jennie Garth thinks underwear is a red carpet essential.

The 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star has revealed her only must-have when attending a high profile event is a good pair of knickers to avoid unfortunate mishaps like befell Anne Hathaway when she accidentally flashed the camera while exiting her limo at the New York City 'Les Miserables' premiere last month.

Speaking in a video for PEOPLE magazine, Jennie joked: ''I think it's important to wear underwear on the red carpet. I think more celebrities should remember that.''

'Twilight' beauty Nikki Reed also spoke out about her go-to style choice, revealing she suffers from crippling nerves when being interviewed by the press and likes to have a killer handbag on her arm to fiddle with when she feels insecure.

She admitted: ''I like to hold a bag when I'm on the red carpet because gives me something to do with my hands when I'm nervous.''

'Modern Family' star Sofia Vergara - who is famed for her womanly figure and bold red carpet choices - admitted all she needs to strut her stuff for the cameras is a gown that boosts both her curves and her confidence.

She quipped: ''[I need] a dress that makes you feel sexy.''

Meanwhile, TV presenter Cat Deeley was a lot less concerned with the fashion side of things and revealed a list of more practical items to cure boredom at showbiz events.

She mused: ''Lipgloss, phone... Sucky sweets are always good, it's very long.''