Jennie Garth admits she only like bad boys.

The 'Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country' star - who recently lost an estimated 30 pounds following her divorce from husband of 11 years and the father of her three daughters Peter Facinelli - has realised she is not ready to date after being linked to three different men recently.

The 40-year-old actress told 'The Jeff Probst Show' yesterday (02.11.12): ''I only like guys that are not nice. What is wrong with us girls? It's not like I want somebody to treat me badly. I want somebody who looks like they could treat me badly, but then really treats me good.''

Jennie was briefly linked with 'The Antonio Treatment' star Antonio Ballatore, photographer Noah Abrams and most recently with property expert Jason Clarke after the duo was spotted enjoying a concert at the W Hollywood last month.

But Jennie insisted: ''I would rather lick the bottom of my shoe than go on a date. ''The minute I think I'm ready to start dating, then I realise, 'Oh no you're not.' I just don't know how to date.''

She also opened up about her incredible weight loss and says she feels much healthier and happier than she did at her previous weight.

She said: ''Every time I saw myself in the mirror, I was just sad. I was going through this, whatever I was going through, and I think a lot of women can relate to that. You stop focusing on yourself.

''I'm all about focusing on my kids, but I realised that I was using that as sort of a mask or an escape, so that I didn't have to focus on myself. And so now, [I'm] turning and looking at myself and thinking, 'What do I need for myself today?' or 'How can I keep myself healthy?'''