Former BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star Jennie Garth was distraught when she first met her husband PETER FACINELLI - because she mistook their lively Italian banter as hatred towards her.

The Illinois native, who has been married to actor Facinelli since 2001, admits that when she first travelled to New York to meet her beau's relatives, she was convinced they disliked her.

She says, "I came to Queens and met his family. This was 10 years ago now.

"I was just a little girl and I was so scared because I went into their house and they're very vocal people. He's got a brother-in-law named VINNIE.

"I was very nervous and I ended up in the back bedroom crying 'cause I thought they were all mad at me. And my husband was like, 'No, baby, that's just them. They're passionate and loud and everyone has to fight to be heard in this house.'

"They're such amazing people. I'm very close to my in-laws now."

19/05/2005 09:06