LATEST: California-based banda singer Jenni Rivera has agreed to pay up to settle an assault lawsuit filed against her by a male fan.
The Amiga Si Lo Ves star stopped her concert in Raleigh, North Carolina on 23 June (08) when she was hit by a beer can and she politely invited the fan who threw it to join her on stage.
Fan Oscar Paz stepped up, thinking he'd get to meet the singer - only to be clocked by angry Rivera's microphone.
Rivera was then escorted away from the venue by police and spent a night behind bars for her actions.
Paz denies he was the one who threw the beer bomb, and insists he only stepped forward because he wanted to go onstage.
Rivera - who has refused to apologise - is now eager to put an end to the legal wrangle and has instructed her attorneys to work out a compensation deal with Paz.
But she is still defending her actions, insisting her safety was at risk, reports
The 39-year-old singer says, "The lawyers are trying to settle this out of court. Everybody just wants money, and I can compromise about money - I won't compromise my safety - but as people rise to the top, they try to take advantage of what they've got in the bank."