The late Mexican singer's sibling has signed a deal with publishers at Penguin imprint Celebra to write Mis Pedazos Rotos (My Broken Pieces), a tome about "healing scars from sexual abuse through faith, family and love."

"Today, as I unveil the cover of my book, is the beginning of bringing a dream to life," Rosie says in a statement announcing the memoir. "It's a mission that began in my sister's heart 18 years ago.

"When I told Jenni about being sexually abused, she planted a seed in my heart: 'Sister, you have to write a book about your life to help other abused girls.' At the time, I thought she was crazy... but she saw beyond the pain and the broken pieces. She saw Victory.

"Sister, the seed is bearing fruit. Thanks for motivating me to fight battles. It’s our victory. High freakin five sister!!!"

Rosie has previously discussed the sexual abuse she suffered as a child, but this is the first time she will go into detail in book form.

Jenni, 43, died in a plane crash in 2012 and her sister Rosie took over her estate and became guardian to Jenni's children.