The 17th annual event, which also served as a tribute to the tragic Mexican-American singer, was held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and during the concert, Rivera's brother Juan took to the stage to introduce the hologram of Jenni, who died in a plane crash in 2012.

While on stage, Juan admitted he was feeling "nervous" about introducing the hologram, but was excited she became the first Latin musician to have one. As the hologram appeared on stage a recording of Jenni played saying, "This is where I was born, in Los Angeles. This is where I first sang, where the audience applauded me, launched my career and believed in me. It's the same audience that is still here with me. Thank you for your love.

"I hope you guys all have fun tonight and are satisfied and that this party that we have here in L.A. every year is also unforgettable."

Jenni's hologram, wearing a red jumpsuit, 'performed' Cuando muere una dama as her family looked on.

"I hope the fans, my parents and my nephews liked the surprise," Juan said following the performance. "But I especially want to thank my nephews for trusting me. I hope that today you guys got a little bit of what you've missed for four years."

"(I felt like) running to the stage," Rivera's daughter Chiquis added. "I felt like it was not long enough. I wanted more of her."

The hologram was created by bosses at Hologram USA and it will also be featured at the L Festival in Los Angeles next year (17), according to Billboard.