Jenna Von Oy, the former star of hit US show 'Blossom', married her husband BRAD BRATCHER in Connecticut on October 10th 2010, but the actress says she almost ruined the moment when her husband proposed to her. Speaking to People Magazine, the 33-year-old said that Bratcher got down on one knee on New Year's Eve, but that she almost called her parents the moment before he proposed, saying, "I almost ruined it. He was afraid if I called them, as soon as my mom answered the phone, I would know".
Oy said that her husband managed to convince her not to call her parents, before running downstairs to change into a sports coat, and then popping the question, adding, "He's such a gentleman. Even though I was in these sweatpants and slippers with pompoms, he felt the need to dress up because it was important to him that I understood the respect in it".
Oy went on to explain that for the actual proposal, computer data consultant Bratcher blindfolded her before calling in the couple's dogs, saying, "Miraculously, they all somehow innately knew it was important, and all five of them were sitting around me." The actress confirmed that the couple will celebrate their marriage next May, when they take a two-week honeymoon to France and Italy.