Actress Jenna Fischer is ready to start shooting the new season of U.S. TV hit The Office, almost three months after she fractured her back in four places. The 33-year-old injured herself when she fell down a flight of stairs at New York club Buddakan on 15 May (07). Doctors advised her to rest for 12 weeks, and, although Fischer is still suffering, she's all set to start filming. She tells, "I'm still sore. I have good days and so-so days. I'm definitely able to work. "Truthfully, I'm not in a lot of pain anymore. It's more some discomfort. I don't have a headache, but I would say it's comparable to having a low-grade headache." However, Fischer admits she has a way to go to full recovery. She adds, "There are little things all the time that I don't realise I can't do until I try to do them, like parallel-park my car. It's the twisting behind me. It's certain muscles that you're not sure about yet. "I'm just going to try to roll with it. Everyone is so supportive and concerned. I know it's going to be OK."