Jenna Fischer has developed a major crush on her THE PROMOTION co-star Seann William Scott - because she thinks he's one of the most perfect people alive.
The Office star was able to cosy up to the actor during the film and still can't believe she got up close and personal with such a beautiful man.
Fischer has been single since she split up with her husband James Gunn in November (07), and isn't hiding the fact that American Pie star Scott could be the man for her.
She gushes, "I got to lay in a bed with him, I got to make out with him, I got to hold his hand; I got to stand next to him in close quarters constantly.
"He's gorgeous. When I'm looking at him I need a 15 minute break before I look in a mirror because it would just depress me. His features are so perfectly, wonderfully defined. He's like a Greek God, and he's got tattoos and muscles.
"He's beautiful to look at, number one, and then he's funny and warm and earnest and sensitive and sweet... He's exactly the kind of man you want to bring home to your mom."