Jenna Elfman has discovered she's expecting her second child - as she prepares to play a pregnant woman on upcoming TV series ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE.
The actress and her husband Bodhi Elfman, who she married in 1995, have learned they'll soon give their two-year-old son Story Elias a little brother or sister.
And the timing of the happy news is perfect for Elfman as she readies for the upcoming debut of her new sitcom, in which she plays a woman who becomes pregnant by a younger man during a one-night stand.
Elfman says, "I have a baby in my tummy - but a real one, not just for my TV show. My character's pregnant the whole first season, so I said, 'It's a good time to have another baby, because we won't have to hide it.'
"By episode three if you look closely once it airs, you'll see, 'Oh is she a little bloated? Did she have a big dinner?'"
Accidentally on Purpose premieres on U.S. TV on 21 September (09).