Jenna Dewan will feel like she's failed as a mother unless her daughter grows up to ''run her own business or rule the world.''

The 37-year-old actress has admitted her little girl Everly, whom she has with her estranged husband Channing Tatum, has inspired her to become a better person and she hopes that her lifestyle will encourage the four year old to strive for bigger and better things.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar, she said: ''She's like a little mirror for me. She's so willful that she kind of inspires me to get clear and more willful in my own life. If she's not running her own business, or ruling the world, I have failed as a mother.''

The brunette beauty was left heartbroken earlier this year when she and Channing - who have been married since 2009 - announced to the world that they had decided to separate as a couple.

However, Jenna used the built up emotion to work even harder and recently said that she was going to make this year ''the best'' yet.

She said: ''This year has just been a really incredible year in a lot of ways. A lot of change, but you go with it and you make the best with what you can. I'm really great and doing wonderful and I thank everyone for their love always.''

Despite their shock split, the pair - who fell in love when they starred opposite each other in 'Step Up' - are adamant they are friends.

Jenna explained: ''We started out as friends, and I would say it was an instant recognition. When we met it felt like we had known each other for many years. Ultimately, no matter what Chan and I are doing, we're really great friends. I think that will never change, no matter what ... My parents split up when I was a year old, and due to life circumstances, [my mother] had to pick herself up, get a job and become a single working mom. [Moving so frequently] completely informed my life [and] personality in very positive ways. I learned social skills I don't think I would have [with] a different upbringing. In a lot of ways I am really grateful for it. I'm also very conscious and aware of it, so it's something that [explains] how I am, who I am, and probably greatly prepared me for life in Hollywood.''