Jenna Dewan felt an ''instant connection'' with her boyfriend Steve Kazee.

The 'Step Up' actress began dating the Tony award winner after her split from ex-husband Channing Tatum - with whom she has six-year-old daughter Everly - and has said she ''wasn't looking'' for love when Steve came into her life, but felt a connection that was too strong to ignore.

She said: ''I wasn't looking for it. But it sort of took me by complete storm. It happened when I least expected it.

''It was an instant connection when we met each other. All of a sudden. There was no way we could avoid it. So in my eyes it was truly, completely meant to be. There was like a lightning bolt behind it.''

Jenna, 38, and Steve, 43, initially met each other years ago, but the actress says it was only for a brief moment.

She added: ''I had met Steve years ago in a flash, it must've been five minutes. I saw him perform in 'Once' on Broadway and I was just totally blown away by his talent. My mom was with me, and we got to go backstage and meet the actors. He just had a cool [energy] about him.

''Obviously I was married and so we never spoke or saw each other again for six years, but I never forgot the moment. And then six years later, obviously it becomes public knowledge that we're separated and he contacted me.''

And whilst Jenna was initially cautious of entering another relationship, she was won over when she realised how ''wonderful'' Steve was around her daughter.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: ''That was the thing I waited for a very, very, very long time. I wanted to make sure, I'm very protective of her and she had gone through a lot of great change, so I wanted it to be at a time that I felt like she will be ready for. And I knew immediately he was going to be wonderful with her.''