Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are a competitive couple.

While the 31-year-old actress and her 'Magic Mike' star husband never compare their professional successes, she revealed Channing introduced her to the popular game 'Ski Safari' and now they cannot stop playing against each other.

She said: ''I always carry my iPhone with me. My husband got me into the game 'Ski Safari'. We compete against each other - I have far less patience so he usually wins.''

Jenna, 31, also revealed she has her own unique way of staying calm even when she is rushing around - she relies on the soothing energy of crystals.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''I carry aquamarine and rose quartz crystals. They balance me, especially the quartz - it was a favour from my wedding reception.''

Jenna and Channing worked together on 'Ten Years' - on which the 31-year-old hunk acted as a producer - and she recently revealed they didn't fight on set, even when her spouse was being strict with her.

She said: ''Channing was a producer. So when he'd tell me to do things differently, I'd have to remind myself to listen to him rather than fight. But there was no bickering on set.''