Channing Tatum's wife made him strip for her.

The 'Magic Mike' actor worked as a stripper before finding fame in Hollywood and picked up a few moves to woo actress spouse Jenna Dewan.

He said: ''Yeah, she knew she was marrying a stripper. And that worked out too because it was kind of a pre-requisite that I would have to strip for her at some point, which she seemed to enjoy.''

The 32-year-old heartthrob - who met Jenna, 31, on the set of 2006 dance movie 'Step Up' - not only impressed the 'American Horror Story' actress in the bedroom, but with a surprise romantic getaway, too.

He said: ''At the very beginning of our relationship, we arranged to meet for dinner. I showed up and, instead of a restaurant, we went to the airport, took a plane and went of a five-day vacation. It took a lot to pull it off - I got her off work and had her roommate pack clothes, but it was one of the best holidays ever.''