As filming for the Hunger Games sequel 'Catching Fire' approaches rapidly, fans of the movie are keen to discover who will be cast in some of the new roles that will be emerging in the second instalment of the Hunger Games movie franchise. This week, the hot gossip appears to be surrounding the role of Johanna Mason. And it's looking as though Jena Malone could well be in the running for the role, MTV News report today.
Malone was recently seen in the popular 'Hatfields and MCCoys' miniseries, though she initially rose to prominence when she appeared in Donnie Darko, alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. She's been something of a cult favorite since then, but a role in a Hunger Games movie could well be the breakthrough role that she's looking for. Aged 27, Malone is the perfect age to play the role of Johanna. In the books, written by Suzanne Collins, Katniss describes Johanna as being like a big sister to her, though she professes not to like her very much. Lionsgate are currently not making any comment on their new casting decisions, so fans of the movie will need to wait for an official announcement on the movie, which is scheduled for release in November 2013.
Johanna Mason is a fiery character and upon first meeting Katniss in the arena, she strips naked, in order to make her feel uncomfortable. A master of manipulation, she also won her first tournament by pretending to be weaker than she actually was, until there were fewer opponents left in the arena for her to deal with.