British film producers have caused a media storm by casting American teen actress Jena Malone in the forthcoming big screen Pride And Prejudice adaptation.

Notting Hill and Bridget Jones movie maker WORKING TITLE and UNIVERSAL have placed 19-year-old Malone as wayward Bennett sister LYDIA, opposite KEIRA KNIGHTLEY's heroine ELIZABETH and Brenda Blethyn's matriarch MRS BENNET in the second film adaptation on the JANE AUSTEN classic novel.

Malone and movie legend Donald Sutherland are the only Americans in a predominantly British cast and on-set sources claim Nevada-native Malone is having problems speaking in an 19th century English accent.

A source says, "There are so many good British actresses that is seems perverse to cast an American. It looks like a deliberate attempt to maximise exposure of US magazine covers."

31/08/2004 13:52