The Inferno star has been working in front of the camera for 20 years, after dropping out of high school and trying his luck in Los Angeles at 16 years old.

He's acted alongside some of Hollywood's biggest names, including Tom Hanks, Jeff Bridges and Christian Bale. But if he hadn't followed a thespian path, Ben is convinced his life would have taken a dark turn.

"I think I was born like a rattlesnake," he mused to America's GQ. "It's nice that work has facilitated an outlet, otherwise I'd be in prison or dead... Some people are just born with teeth. You gotta chew on something."

One of Ben's most recent films was Hell or High Water opposite Jeff and Chris Pine, which told the tale of two brothers' desperate scheme to save their family's Texas ranch.

Ben portrayed bank robber Tanner, and he admits the role was, "a pretty snug fit. He was already inside."

Playing Tanner was the latest in a long line of dark characters for the 36-year-old. When it comes to shaking off these menacing alter egos, Ben has found a winning formula.

"Drink a lot. Have a lot of sex. Pull yourself up the next day, go to the gym," he stated. "I've been meditating since I was a kid. Transcendental meditation. That helps to clean some of the racket, quiet it down at least."

His past characters have a way of rearing their heads from time to time though.

"(Certain characters are) like an ex-lover. You'll hear a song, you'll smell something, you'll look at something you both looked at," he shared. "It will remind you. Because you soften up the meat, tenderise yourself to receive. Parts of it are going to get inside."