Jemima Kirke says her wedding was ''pointless''.

Last year, the 'Girls' actress and her husband Michael Mosberg divorced after seven years of marriage and Jemima, 32 - who has a new art exhibition called The Ceremony, which features paintings of a selection of women in their wedding dresses - admitted she did not enjoy her own wedding.

When asked by W magazine, if she had fun at her wedding, Jemima said: ''No. I mean, it was fine, it was quick, it was simple, but it was pointless. Either you're throwing a party, or you're doing it out of necessity.''

The interviewer also asked: ''Were you hesitant to get married in the first place? Have you always questioned it?'' and she replied: ''No, because I was pregnant so I was like, whatever you want, it's really a moot point now.''

The mother-of-two admitted she is open to marriage again but is quite cynical about it.

She said: ''I might. It wouldn't be under any delusions of thinking it would mean that it would improve anything or change things for the better.''

One of Jemima's paintings is a self-portrait and she revealed that her former husband thought it was ''poignant and self-reflexive''.

She said: ''Well, he and I saw that it was quite a poignant and self-reflexive painting, and both of us were really scared of those things at the time. That's one of the things I'm talking about: I think in marriage, you should be able to say to each other as couples, 'I don't love you right now and it's okay, hopefully we get back there.' I wish the conversation we had had gone, 'Yeah, I'm struggling in the marriage right now,' but I think it wasn't something we were able to face because again, the societal consensus is that everything has to be either good or bad, or right and wrong. But it's wrong to be married and be unhappy and stay.''