Actress Jemima Kirke had to be escorted out of the filming of Jay Z's performance art video for Picasso Baby after becoming too overzealous.

The 99 Problems hitmaker spent six hours rapping for a select group of fans and celebrities, including the Girls star, to collect footage for the 10-minute promo, which debuted on Tv in America on Friday night (02Aug13).

In the video, Kirke is seen sitting in front of the rapper, while he performs for her. However, she reportedly got too close, after being seen with her hand on his shoulder and jumping on his back, and had to be escorted out, according to the New York Daily News.

A witness says, "She was acting totally nuts! She kept jumping on his back like a little monkey. Someone was screaming, 'Get her off of him!' (She was screaming), 'Let us finish' (while being taken out)."

Jay Z, however, did not let the incident halt his performance.

The witness adds, "He kept rapping the whole time!"

This isn't the first time Kirke has taken a performance art piece too far - in 2010, she was photographed sobbing while attending Marina Abramovic's The Artist Is Present MoMa exhibition. Ironically, that event, for which Abramovic sat still for more than 700 hours, inspired Jay Z's video project. Abramovic also appeared in his Picasso Baby promo.