R&B star JEFFREY OSBORNE has expressed his delight after U.S. President BARACK OBAMA accidentally outed himself as a fan by confusing the star with a U.K. politician.

The American leader made the embarrassing gaffe while Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne made a speech to world leaders gathered at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland this week (beg17Jun13), repeatedly calling the politician "Jeffrey".

Obama subsequently apologised, admitting, "I'm sorry... I must have confused you with my favourite R&B singer."

The news has since filtered back to the real Jeffrey Osborne, famed for his 1982 hit On the Wings of Love, and he admits he found the mix-up hilarious.

He tells Sky News, "I was really delighted actually. I was really not aware that he (Obama) was that much of a fan that he would call the Chancellor Jeffrey Osborne. Tell the Chancellor when I come over (to Britain) I will have to hook up with him and we will do a duet of On The Wings Of Love or something."

George Osborne responded in a post on Twitter.com, writing, "One unexpected breakthrough from G8 - offer to sing with legend Jeffrey Osborne. Jeff you wouldn't suggest a duet if you'd heard me sing."