Dreamworks animations chief Jeffrey Katzenberg has warned CGI kings Pixar the MADAGASCAR team are coming to steal their crown.

Pixar and Dreamworks are in constant rivalry and Katzenberg hopes Madagascar and forthcoming film FLUSHED AWAY will steal the limelight away from the Finding Nemo creators.

Pixar have been the leaders in CGI technology since they made the technologically groundbreaking Toy Story film for Disney - but next year their deal with Disney expires and Dreamworks plans to double its output and release a different film every six months.

He says, "I look at Pixar as the gold standard. They do a truly exceptional job. We admire them and give them all the credit in the world, but at the same time, I'm a competitive person by nature and I'd like our movies to be as successful as theirs.

"Our movies do great. But we could do better and I don't like coming in second."

11/07/2005 09:29