WATCHMEN star Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn't have to dig too deep to play a twisted and psychotic crimebuster in the hit action movie - his uncomfortable costume made him feel like killing someone.
The Grey's Anatomy star plays The Comedian in the new movie and admits he hated the outfit he had to wear to bring his character to life.
He tells WENN, "You quickly realise it's gonna really take six hours to put this costume on every day. So I'd come out of the costume and I'd be ready to kick somebody's ass, because it's such a long painful process. It's hard to move, it's sweaty, squeaky.
"There was always something but ultimately it helped so much to turn myself into the character. A lot of it had to do with the costume. He's (Comedian) a very sad soul. There's more to him than just this brutal bastard of a man. It was hard to shake Comedian at the end of the day. There were days when I went home and thought, 'What did I just do?' because he was just so sad."