The Walking Dead star recently went on a fan cruise and brought his son Augustus on the trip with him. The six-year-old was eager to look like one of the undead on his dad's hit show, but he couldn't handle the finished look.

"I brought my little boy with me and all he wanted to do was... 'Dad I want to do zombie makeup, I gotta do zombie makeup...'," he told Live! with Kelly on Thursday (09Feb17). "So I brought my wife's dad with me to help me with the kid because I had to work 99 per cent of the time. They went and got zombie makeup, I'm doing an autograph session and I get an emergency call on the ship phone and Gus (son) had fainted."

"He had gotten the zombie makeup put on and looked in the mirror and was toes up," he added. "They did a really good job on the makeup. It was like a huge bite mark on his neck and he saw it and his mind couldn't process what was going on."