The Watchmen star and his actress wife Hilarie Burton live on a farm in Rhinebeck, New York, and Jeffrey now runs his favourite shop in the town after vowing to keep it going following the owner's death.

"When we first moved to a little town called Rhinebeck, the first place I ever visited was this little candy store called Samuel's," he tells U.S. chat show The Talk. "A guy named Ira owned it and he became a very good friend. I used to see him every day and have my coffee and he passed away tragically. I was off doing a movie and he passed and we didn't want the candy store to leave or turn into something else.

"Myself and Paul Rudd and our friend Andy and our spouses, we were having dinner one night and I looked at my friends and I was like, 'Why don't we step in and keep Ira's legacy alive?' And we did."

The new venture is a dream come true for Jeffrey's five-year-old son Gus, who is more than happy to hang out with his parents at work.

"He greets people at the store and he says, 'This is my candy store'", Jeffrey adds. "But he also steals everything... Basically anything that he can grab. I have to search his pockets before we get out of the store."