Jeff Goldblum would ''love'' to have a daughter.

The 65-year-old actor has sons Charlie, three, and River, 16 months, with wife Emilie and though he'd like to add to his brood further, he doesn't think his 35-year-old spouse is as keen.

He admitted: ''I'd love a little girl. The other week Emilie said, 'Gee, I'd like to see you with a girl.' But I don't think she really wants it. I think she's happy to stop with these two.''

When he and the former Olympic rhythmic gymnast first started to discuss having children, the 'Hotel Artemis' actor admitted he had to think about his own advancing years and it's still a subject that's often on his mind.

He said: ''I had to think about that and I'm still thinking about what it all means and trying to navigate the calendar and my gift of living every day.

''But when she said maybe it would be nice to have a baby, it was so sweet and deeply genuine.''

The couple then sought therapy together to explore their decision to get married and have children and Jeff was delighted to learn that he was going to be a dad the night before they tied the knot.

He told the Sunday Times magazine: ''I took her to see the therapist I had at the time and we began having several sessions over a period of time where we excavated considerations and finally we both got enthusiastic about having a child and getting married.

''We got married in the Chateau Marmont in one of the bungalows with 50 people -- mostly her family.

''We had already started to try to get pregnant and the day before the wedding she presented me with a sonogram saying, 'Look what happened!', so it made the wedding sweet and romantic.''

Though the 'Jurassic Park' actor - who was previously married to Patricia Gaul and Geena Davis - had never ''seriously'' wanted children before, he admitted he'd spent a long time thinking about the names of his future kids.

He said of his sons' monikers: ''[They] were not just tossed up.

''I spent years before I had kids fantasising about what their names would be. What would go with Goldblum?''