Jeff Goldblum has joined the cast of 'The Prince of Admission'.

The 65-year-old Hollywood actor is set to star in the film - which is described as a part dramedy and part thriller - alongside Michael Sheen and Michelle Monaghan, centering on a playwright's mid-life crisis and failing marriage.

Revealing more about the unique plot, the president and CEO of Radiant Films International - which is handling the foreign rights to the movie - said: '''The Price of Admission' brings together stellar creative elements to craft this inventive, funny and original story dealing with weighty ideas in an engaging way and we are delighted to offer it to our partners at the Berlin market.''

Neda Armian and Alex Foster - who join the feature film as producers along with writer Peter Glanz - shared the same sentiment saying: '''The Price Of Admission' is a brilliant, comedic dive into the mind of a playwright mounting a much anticipated play about his life while that life unravels around him scene by scene.''

The film - which is still scheduled for a release date - sees Goldblum's character, Alexander Taft star as a behavioural psychologist and the supportive best friend of playwright, Harold Sugar (Sheen) who becomes immersed into a about his life when his marriage to his wife (Monaghan) hits a rough patch.

Speaking on the illustrious cast, Armian and Foster added: ''The combination of the incomparable Jeff Goldblum alongside mega talented Michael Sheen and the luminous Michelle Monaghan gives this film its cinematic heartbeat and we could not be more honoured to collaborate with this team.''