Jeff Goldblum has stripped off for a bizarre new advert in which he is seen wearing nothing but tiny bathing shorts and a 1970s-style wig while sitting in a hot tub.

The Jurassic Park actor stars as Terry Quattro, an exaggerated celebrity who uses GE Lighting's new smart light bulbs to make himself look good and be a hit with the ladies.

Goldblum dons a shaggy wig, chunky rings and a silk smoking jacket to promote the smartphone-controlled bulbs in the advert, in which he says, "You can get successful guy lighting at normal guy prices... but don't take my word for it, ask this unremarkable nobody... Have fun looking as good as me America."

The actor also runs through the benefits of mood lighting in one scene in which he is seen playing the piano in a hot tub while wearing small vintage-style swimming shorts.