Newly-engaged actor Jeff Goldblum is so keen to become a dad at 61 he has already started picking out baby names.

The Jurassic Park star, who fronts his own jazz band, proposed to his actress/gymnast girlfriend Emilie Livingston in July (14) and he's already making family plans.

During an appearance on U.S. talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday (09Sep14), he said, "I'm looking for names for babies, possible babies. Well, it (becoming a dad) may (happen)... It probably jinxes it to talk about it, but I like thinking of names and Goldblum is such a kind of particular, challenging name, sound-wise.

"I have two names... Coda... Coda Goldblum, it's a musical term... The other one is Mingus...(after) Charles Mingus, who was a wonderful jazz player."

Goldblum decided to gauge the popularity of his chosen names by having the studio audience clap if they approved, but he was given cause to rethink the names after they both fell flat with fans.

His upcoming marriage to Livingston, who is 30 years younger than actor, will be Goldblum's third - he was previously wed to his Silverado co-star Patricia Gaul and Geena Davis, who featured in his 1986 sci-fi horror The Fly.