Eccentric actor Jeff Goldblum insists money does not equate to happiness - and would like the whole world to learn that lesson.

Goldblum claims his character in low-budget comedy Igby Goes Down, DH BANES, is a classic example of why he's not interested in the power of money.

Jeff states, "Banes. He's corrupted by money and I'd never want that. Money doesn't buy you identity or happiness, right? That's not an easy lesson to learn. In fact, it's a lesson you should constantly relearn, I think, for me, for the world."

Instead, the legendary THE FLY star believes people should put more emphasis on themselves, adding, "I don't admire or esteem people with power, be it either political power or social power.

"I love creative people. I love people who can make things with some authenticity, with some connection to nature and to the loveliness of life, which is available to all of us, right?"

01/07/2003 02:32