Eccentric actor Jeff Goldblum has been studying canine ways with US TV's DOG WHISPERER, CESAR MILAN, so he can play a movie mutt. The movie star, who famously became an insect in The Fly, will portray a man who was once a dog in a quirky new movie - and he researched the odd role by learning all about man's best friend. He says, "I have to do dog things; I have to know a lot about dogs and kind of become a dog and find the dog in myself." Goldblum started watching Milan's hit show and became a big fan, and just before he headed off to start shooting the film, actress pal Alicia Silverstone suggested he meet with Milan, who has helped her communicate with her pets. The Jurassic Park star adds, "He couldn't have been nicer and we studied many things. He's a masterful guy."