THE FLY star Jeff Goldblum is taking his romance with actress CATHERINE WREFORD to the next level - by turning it into a reality TV show.

The actor, who fell in love with Wreford last year (03) after meeting her at an airport and subsequently proposing to her last summer (03), has signed up to join her onstage in THE MUSIC MAN in his native Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is filming the couple's time there.

Goldblum says, "I've been having these two guys shooting us for a few months now. I hope it's not just reality expose, look-at-me self-indulgence.

"It's the story of a guy who meets someone, does theatre with her and goes back to his hometown."

The actor also teases by claiming the new reality show could end with a wedding.

He adds, "Who knows? I don't want to give anything away."

08/07/2004 02:22