The so-called industry experts insisted Jeff would get lost in the movie as his madcap co-star stole every scene they were in - as stupid best pals Harry and Lloyd - but the actor stood firm and took the role in the 1994 comedy, which became a smash hit.

"I got the role and then I go home to Michigan and my agents conference call me from New York and L.A. and said, 'You cannot do this movie. We're stopping it. We've got you on a serious actor trail, heading for an Oscar some day'," Jeff explains.

"Also they said, 'Jim Carrey is a comedic tornado. With all due respect he's gonna blow you off the screen and we just don't want to see that happen'.

"I said, 'OK, the career sucks right now. I can do comedy... I want to create a range. I'm talking about longevity guys. Also there's the toilet scene, the tongue on the pole and the snow ball on the head; none of which Jim are in, so I'm gonna score! Unless they cut him out of the movie I think I'm gonna be fine so I'm doing this!'"

Daniels and directors the Farrelly Brothers shot for a week in Colorado before Carrey arrived on set, and his co-star quickly became fast friends with the guy his agents feared would blow him away.

"I found out later that the studio had another actor on hold to come in, but Jim and the Farrelly Brothers all wanted me," Jeff adds. "Nobody had said a word to me and I'm sitting in the make-up chair and Jim comes by, pats me on the shoulder and says, 'Keep doing what you're doing, they love you'.

"Jim wanted an actor next to him, not a comedian. A comedian would just wait and try to top him. He wanted an actor he said that made him listen, made him react; that would make Jim be more real than he had been in a long time. So I kept the role but the agents are gone!"