DUMB + DUMBER star Jeff Daniels urges all well-to-do parents to take trips around America in mobile homes - because he's found the road trips are a great way to get to know your kids. The actor is a long time fan of the open road and regularly sets off on RV (recreational vehicle) trips with his family - something he started doing when his kids were very young. Daniels, who is now starring in comedy movie RV, says, "I think RV trips can help families, maybe if you're a little disconnected. It certainly helped ours but we were never that disconnected. "We worked hard on our kids, staying in their lives and communicating with them. I had two boys that went through travel hockey and that was 14 years of travel hockey which can be eight, nine or 10 months a year of driving here, driving there for games and practices. "I tell stupid youth sport parents, `It's not about the trophies or how your kid plays, it's about the drive there and the drive back. Eventually the winning goes away.' "An RV trip can be the same thing - when your kid has a baseball trip in St Louis and you decide to take an RV there it becomes about the journey and not just about getting to the baseball tournament. It becomes fun and you see things as a family and it creates memories."