Movie star Jeff Daniels has written a new song that's an ode to his long-suffering wife KATHLEEN - about the time he mistakenly dumped her at a gas station. The DUMB + DUMBER star's THE RECREATIONAL VEHICLE tune tells the tale of the time he left his wife stranded during a family trip to New York. He recalls, "It's the story of the first time I rented an RV. I took Kathleen, my wife, and my three young kids from Michigan to the Coopers Town New York Baseball Hall of Fame. "I got to Eerie, Pennsylvania and was gassing up and I got recognised as Jeff Bridges and signed an autograph, 'Best wishes, Jeff Bridges.' "I got back into the RV, merged up onto the highway and my kid tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'Dad, you forgot mom!' "So the whole song is about leaving my wife at a truck stop and the chaos that ensued when we had to go back and get her and she was gone. "It can happen when you rent an RV. There's 27 rooms back there and it's 400-feet long, so she could've been anywhere. She didn't tell the driver she was going in to get snacks; we had enough snacks to feed the state of Ohio. "Now we do head counts after leaving a truck stop."