Jeff Daniels rarely gets recognised when he's touring America in his mobile home, because fellow motorists never expect to see a movie star pumping gas (petrol). The DUMB + DUMBER star loves to get into his RV and drive for days - he even drove his camping vehicle all the way from his home in Michigan to the set of his new comedy, appropriately titled RV, in Vancouver, Canada. Daniels insists it's the best way to travel because he just becomes another motorist on America's highways. He explains, "It doesn't make sense that I'm pulling into a truck stop and getting diesel, so people usually don't recognise me. I'm just walking in there and paying for it. "I shouldn't be in a convenience store in Chinook, Montana - even if you think it might look like me. I do get that sometimes: 'You look exactly like that guy from Dumb + Dumber.' I go, 'I know! I get that a lot.' "I also don't encourage it. I don't walk in wearing a, 'Hi I'm Jeff' T-shirt." And Daniels loves the unspoken respect he gets when he checks into mobile trailer parks at the end of a long day on the road. He adds, "That whole subculture is very respectful of people's privacy. There's a little bit of the tip of the cap when you pull in, but it's basically, 'You won't bother me and I won't bother you.'"