Movie star Jeff Daniels has joined forces with America's National Endowment for the Arts in a bid to win more theatre cash for struggling regional drama companies.
The Dumb & Dumber star, who co-founded The Purple Rose Theatre Company in Michigan, will testify before Congress in Washington, D.C. next week (beg12Apr10).
He says, "The Purple Rose is 20 years old and I'm gonna go down next week testifying before Congress with Rocco Landesman, the Chairman of the NEA. He's asked me to come in with him as someone who has a theatre company in the arts and one that is 20 years old.
"The Purple Rose has helped not only revitalise the community culturally but economically. I'm reminding Congress that the arts do create a lot of jobs and that it does enhance our lives and this country should be more supportive of the arts than it is.
"For all those business majors and economics majors, we're what you do on Saturday night, so you kind of need us to stick around."