Two bedroom internet DJs were amazed when representatives for Hollywood star Jeff Daniels contacted them in a bid to get his music played. MARK 'MAF' FIRTH and LEE WHITE started their own web chat show THE SNUG in 2004 and claim to have around 1,500 listeners to their webcast every Thursday from a spare bedroom in Prestatyn, Wales. Firth says, "I thought it was a joke when his people got in touch. His record company rang us and asked if we wanted to play his music. "I obviously knew who Jeff Daniels was, but through his films really, not his music. "We said of course we wanted to play his music. We asked if we could record a jingle from him. "Eventually they came back and agreed to let us have a half-hour interview with him." Daniels' record label got in touch after they heard another one of their artists being played on The Snug. White adds, "I thought it was a wind-up, and there was no way it was going to be the real Jeff Daniels. But it was, and he just seemed like a genuine, honest, down-to-earth guy. "I really like his music. I don't think he was under any illusion that we are a really big station but we didn't go out of our way to say it's really broadcast from Maf's bedroom." The interview with Daniels will be broadcast on the internet at 9pm (BST) tonight (29JUN06).