Jeff Conaway's former girlfriend is battling one of his ex-wives over personal items owned by the late actor.
The Grease star, who died aged 60 last May (11), left a collection of his belongings at a storage facility in Los Angeles.
Now one of his ex-wives, who has not been named, has filed legal documents at Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming she rightfully owns the items and wants to access the storage facility.
But she has so far been refused entry by officials at the unit because an ex-girlfriend of Conaway's is also claiming she should be handed the storage items due to a "living trust".
A representative for the storage company tells they are caught "in the middle of a feud between an estranged wife and an ex-girlfriend" and they're refusing access to anyone until a court official rules on who the property belongs to.
Bosses at the storage company have also filed a lien on the actor's estate worth $3,600 (£2,250) claiming the bill for storing the goods has not been paid since last July (11).