Jeff Conaway, the American actor best known for playing 'Kenickie' in the 1978 movie Grease', is in a critical condition in hospital. Jeff Conaway's family have reportedly decided to remove him from life support after doctors said there was no hope of recovery, reports E! News.
The family's heart-rending decision prompted Conaway's ex-girlfriend Vikki Lizzi to go to court to make a last-ditch attempt to keep the actor on life support. Late on Thursday (26th May 2011), an inside source said, "Vikki Lizzi's lawyers are still in court trying to get her back in there so she can say no to pulling the plug". Lizzi and Conaway had filed duelling restraining orders following their latest breakup, and it was reportedly she who found the actor unconscious in his home on 11th May 2011. Conaway's family had originally gone to court to block Vikki from visiting him in the Encino hospital where the actor was placed in a medically induced coma. Dr Drew Pinsky, who treated the 'Grease' star on 'Celebrity Rehab' had tweeted messages of optimism concerning his condition, saying, "Just visited Jeff Conaway. He is stable & looks like he will recover from his pneumonia. Not an OD like press is alleging and certainly not dead".
As well as his role in 'Grease', Jeff Conaway starred as 'Bobby Wheeler' in 'Taxi' and later made appearances on 'Babylon 5' and 'Murder, She Wrote'.