Jeff Conaway's girlfriend is calling for a medical intervention for the troubled GREASE star, after he started making bizarre funeral plans following his freak fall on Monday (18Jan10).
The troubled actor suffered a brain haemorrhage and needed emergency surgery after taking a tumble at his California home. He also fractured his neck and broke his hip and arm.
His girlfriend Vikki Lizzi spoke out after the accident to reveal her lover believed he was facing his final days - and she insists the situation has now worsened.
Lizzi claims the star is still struggling with his addictions while recovering from surgery, and is thinking up ideas on how he would like to be laid to rest.
She tells E! Online, "He's talking about being burned on a boat and sent out to sea like a Viking funeral (and) it sends chills up my spine. We're all trying to save his life and he's not listening. I don't think he wants to die. I think it's the meds that are destroying his mind.
"This is just devastating. I tried to save him from himself by trying to get him help... He wants to die at home. He knows the meds are killing him. He can't get off them.
"(He) is just stubborn. He needs an intervention."
Conaway has struggled with chronic back pain, which got him hooked on painkillers, and recently appeared on U.S. TV show Celebrity Rehab in 2008 in a bid to conquer his drink and drug demons.