Jeff Bridges never smokes cannabis when he is working.

The actor-and-musician has always been honest about his recreation marijuana use, but he is adamant he never uses the drug when he is shooting a film.

He said: "If it's (marijuana) offered I'll take it but I'm not a regular smoker, despite what people may think. I don't smoke when I work because I want to have my wits about me. Besides sobriety is a wonderful high."

When is not working, Jeff - who has just released a self-titled album - likes to go to the cinema to relax but he admits he doesn't enjoy as many films as he used to.

Revealing the last movie he watched at the cinema, he told Q magazine: "The new Woody Allen film, 'Midnight In Paris'. My favourite is still 'Crimes and Misdemeanours', but that was excellent. I thought Owen Wilson was really good. I don't tend to see too many movies these days; I've become a little too judgemental over the years! But when I see one I like, it's still a great feeling."