Jeff Bridges' wife wants him to trim his beard.

The 61-year-old actor - who sports facial hair in his new Western movie 'True Grit' and was unshaven for his Oscar-winning role as an alcoholic country musician in 'Crazy Heart' - intends to keep his beard, but his spouse Susan thinks it needs to be kept in check.

When asked if he intended to keep his facial fuzz, Jeff said: "Yeah. My wife likes it."

To which she replied: "I like the beard more when it's trimmed, like a goatee."

The couple have been married for 33 years and Susan believes their relationship has stood the test of time because the Hollywood star always makes time for her and their three grown-up daughters - Isabelle, Jessica, and Hayley.

She added in an interview with New York Post columnist Cindy Adams: "We've been together a very long time. We're married 33 years and were together before that. When he's working, I can't dictate conditions, but when he's home, to us it's home. He's had 70 films under his belt . Understand, his whole family's in the business. He grew up with this. His mom and dad were good solid people. We're blessed, and I'm happy he's a working actor, but, foremost, we're a family. I think I'm a good rounding agent for him. He knows he can come home, be quiet, not run everywhere to parties, just be himself surrounded by our daughters, and we can have a lot of fun."

'True Grit' premiered at New York's famed Ziegfeld Theatre on Tuesday (14.12.10).

Jeff attended the special screening along with his co-stars Matt Damon, Barry Pepper and Hailee Steinfeld, and a host of other famous faces including 'Entourage' actor Adrian Grenier, musician John Legend and model Natalie Gal.