Jeff Bridges, the American actor who won an Oscar for his performance in country music flick 'Crazy Heart, will release his self-titled album on 16th August 2011. The record, produced by legendry musician T-Bone Burnett, is preceded by first single 'What A Little Bit of Love Can Do'.
The actor released his debut album 'Be Here Soon' in 2000, but the record was poorly received by critics and failed to impress commercially. Speaking to Usa Today, Bridges explained, "I was a little disheartened, but it didn't dampen my feeling for the music.It was great fun. I thought, Oh, I have a relatively high degree of fame. I can get this thing heard'. The actor has little time for those who describe his music as a mere vanity project, saying, "Everything is vanity, isn't it? The guy who set the benchmark for the so-called vanity project is William Shatner. I applaud him for saying, 'This is interesting.' There's something wonderful about that". Phil Gallo, Billboard's senior correspondent for film and television, argues Bridges music reflects his "mature" film characters and not his most famous creation 'The Dude', saying, "It's a very pleasant album that's going to appeal to people who like his mature characters. This isn't an album The Dude would make. It's more in line with his thoughtful roles".
Jeff Bridges will perform with The Abiders at the Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium in California on 24th August 2011. He then plays at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga on the 26th and in Woodinville, Washington, on the 28th.