Jeff Bridges has hinted at a possible third movie in the 'Kingsman' franchise.

The 67-year-old actor is currently starring as Champagne aka Champ in the much-anticipated sequel 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' and hinted his character could get more of a ''back story'' in the rumoured third movie in the franchise.

Speaking to Den of Geek, he said: ''I hear there's possibly a 'Kingsman 3' coming up, it might be if that does happen that some of his back story will be revealed. Not too much back story was put into this one, I didn't spend too much time on that.''

Bridges stars alongside returning cast members Taron Egerton, Colin Firth and Mark Strong as well as fellow newcomers Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal, Channing Tatum and Julianne Moore.

The franchise - created and directed by Matthew Vaughn - is somewhat a homage to the spy genre in particular James Bond.

When Bridges first saw the original film he thought it was ''the best Bond movie of all time'' even though it is not part of the 007 franchise.

Bridges said: ''I was a big fan, I really enjoyed it. Well it just took it to the next level - that was the thought that came to my mind. I saw it with my wife and at the end of the film we just looked at each other and said 'this is just the best bond movie of all time.' And Matthew - you know there's so many movies that use special effects, but Matthew's really got that thing down and really uses it so well.

''It's got kind of a 'Looney Tunes', cartoon aspect to the whole thing, but the tone of it fits right and it's great.''