Jeff Bridges wants to take on a final great role before he dies.

The 60-year-old star - who is best known for playing The Dude in the 1998 movie 'The Big Lebowski' - said he knows he's getting older everyday but struggles with two opposing forces, one telling him to take time out to relax, and the other which is reaching for something even bigger and better.

He said: "I feel two impulses. One is to just relax. I don't feel I have to prove anything. I can just enjoy my life. The other side is saying, 'if you want to do anything, you better do it now. You're going to die in a second, man. Come on!'

"It's just about finding the balance. Keep it in perspective, don't push yourself too hard, have fun - you're not setting up a giant homework assignment."

The veteran actor - who recently picked up the Best Actor Golden Globe for his role in 'Crazy Heart' but has had very little other official industry recognition - said his lack of professional recognition has never bothered him.

He explained to Shortlist magazine: "I appreciated being underappreciated. It's kind of nice because you don't have that pressure. Being acknowledged to this degree does screw that up a little bit. But life is all about adapting to change, so I'm open to receive what's going on."