Jeff Bridges once got drunk on a film set at 6am.

The actor - who played an alcoholic country singer in 'Crazy Heart' - admitted preparing for a scene where he was drunk by drinking a number of vodka and orange cocktails, which are known as Screwdrivers, was one of the most regretful moves of his acting career.

He told TV talk show host Piers Morgan: "I made the mistake early in my career of, you know, saying, 'Oh, I've got a drunk scene, well, I'll just get drunk.' You know, that seems to be the easiest way to approach that, you know.

"I remember, it was a movie I did with Sally Field. And it was a scene to get drunk. And I - so I made myself screwdrivers early in the morning, you know, six in the morning for my scene at nine. And I danced my ass off.

"It was insane. But then there was the next scene and the next scene and the morning after, you know.

"So I never made that mistake ever again. I learned my lesson."

Jeff, 61, didn't say which film he was referring to, but he has starred in two films with Sally Field, 'Stay Hungry' from 1976 and 1982's 'Kiss Me Goodbye'.

Despite the experience, Jeff insists that in the last 20 years he's never really got too drunk, because he hates dealing with hangovers.

He added: "I've been puke drunk before, you know, a few times. I would say 20 years ago, something like that. You know, a long time ago. I'm kind of, you know, I don't like getting hung over. You know, it's just a terrible thing."

Instead, Jeff uses his memory of being really drunk to affect acting in the right manner onscreen.

He said: "Now I simply use something us actors call sense memory. That is you remember how that was and you recall it and you pretend, you know."