Oscar nominee Jeff Bridges was a protected child because his baby brother, GARRETT, died 18 months before he was born.
The actor reveals his parents were devastated when the two month old died in his sleep and almost didn't have him as a result.
Bridges says, "Can you imagine going in there (nursery) and seeing your kid just dead in the bed? I can't imagine anything worse than that."
But the couple's doctor, Leon Bellas, encouraged them to try for another child - and they honoured him by naming their third son after the medic.
Bridges explains, "My middle name is Leon."
The Crazy Heart star's early years were suffocating - because his mother wouldn't let her baby boy out of her sight.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "She said, 'I'm amazed that you aren't more screwed up... because the first year and a half of your life I had you sleep right next to my bed, and I kept waking you up all night long.'"
But Dorothy Bridges' protective streak ended when Jeff and his brother Beau turned wild.
The movie star adds, "She started to chase us with a coat hanger, to beat us with it. But we were faster and more agile and we would inevitably take the hanger and start to chase her around."