Jeff Bridges nearly turned down the movie role that is almost certain to net him an Oscar nomination next year (10) - because he wanted to spend more time at home.
The actor has won acclaim playing grizzled, alcoholic country star Bad Blake in Crazy Heart - but he initially had no wish to take on the part.
He explains, "I always try my best to turn down movies, to not do them because it's very distracting.
"This movie was presented to me while I was in the middle of something else. It's like when you're in a great French restaurant and somebody says, 'Hey, there's a great Mexican restaurant right down the street. After this let's go over there.'
"It takes me away from my wife or something just around the corner that I'm not aware of, so I do my best to pass on things unless they make me an offer I can't refuse.
"So, at first, I turned it down because there was no music in it. It was all about music, so I thought, 'What's the sense of doing it if it's got crummy songs in the movie?' Plus I had done a music movie - The Fabulous Baker Boys - that I was so pleased with... so I didn't want to do a movie that didn't meet up to that.
"A year after I initially read it T-Bone (Burnett) fell into place to write the music and I was there... There was six months of jamming every night with these guys. I'm so glad I didn't pass up the experience."