Actor Jeff Bridges stunned America on Thursday night (14Jun07) by donning a long black wig for his appearance on late night TV show The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - and then removing it to reveal a bald pate. The Big Lebowski star looked virtually unrecognisable as he shuffled onto comedian Ferguson's nightly show with an unkempt wig and a bushy grey beard, prompting the host to quip, "Have you had your hair cut recently, Jeff?" The actor then whipped off his wig and revealed he's gone bald for his new film in upcoming action film Iron Man. Bridges, who plays Obadiah Stane in the highly-anticipated new movie, admits he wasn't told to shave his head for the film, but felt his character would look great with no hair - and a long grey beard. He says, "I didn't have to be bald but I kind of have always wanted to be bald. My wife likes it."