Oscar winner Jeff Bridges regrets he never encouraged his three daughters to act - but hopes one day they'll "stumble" into the industry.
The Crazy Heart star thanked his actor parents, Lloyd and Dorothy Bridges, for introducing him to the profession when he accepted the Best Actor award at the Oscars on Sunday (07Mar10).
And Bridges admits he's beginning to wish he'd pushed his daughters - Isabelle, 28, Jessica, 26, and 24-year-old Haley - to step in front of the camera.
He explains, "I didn't make it as available to them as my dad did with us. Not that he was a stage parent - he just enjoyed it so much that he wanted to turn his kids on to it. And he was right, I've had a wonderful life. I didn't do it with my kids and I kind of regret it a little bit. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if they stumbled into it some day. They've got it in their blood, three generations of it."
But he's happy his girls have been shielded from the negative aspects of fame: "Growing up in Hollywood, I've seen the downside to being too famous. You have to start thinking about staying on top, you have to get calculating, and you can't walk down the street. They have never been attractive prospects to me. Less fame would be better than more."